The Reno Mobile Photo Booth is much different than other photo booths. Being an open style booth with an actual photographer, it is more of an "experience", meaning that the guests can take their time and enjoy changing props and trying different poses. Typical automated photo booths only give guests a few seconds between shots, not allowing them to change props and poses between pictures. So, not only are the pictures going to be better quality, but a lot more fun!

Below you will see that we keep our packages simple. Our standard package includes everything that most people will want and need for a photo booth, as you can see below.You can also download the pricing information in a PDF file (HERE)

The Package

Hourly Photo Booth Package: $175/hr


• Open Style Booth with free setup/teardown
• A Photographer to take pictures and assist guests with props
• Unlimited use of our prop collection (which is updated regularly with new props!)
• Custom design for photo booth prints
• Choice of basic backdrop options (Black/White/Silver).
• UHD (password protected) online gallery of all pictures taken.

5 Hour Photo Booth Package: $695


• Everything mentioned above, with a discount of $180! (compared to the hourly rate)

The Extras

Scrapbook/Guestbook Prints (You supply book): $50

• We can print off a second print of each guest copy to add to a scrapbook or photo guestbook. The guests can also write a quick note next to their photo in the guestbook.

Live Booth Replay: $50 and up

•We can setup a LCD monitor anywhere in the room (on a stand (similar to a DJ Speaker stand) anywhere in the room showing a live slideshow of photobooth pictures taken at your event.

& The DJ

DJ + Photo Booth Packages

We offer package deals for combining our DJ services with our Photo Booth. Check out for details and pricing! Optionally, you can call us at 775.453.4235